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I have a shitty attitude.  Supposedly I should want a relationship.  But I’m not bonding with that.  The only reason I want a guy in my life is to do my yard, home repairs, very occasional good conversation and a movie, and other fun on demand.  My demand.  I don’t even want dinner out.  Well, maybe if that’s the good conversation  time.   So. Faeries, is there something i’m not ‘getting’ here?

Sincerely,   Shitty attitude

ps. and money. I hate to sound shallow, but that could be helpful


Cheers, Shitty, Sounds to us like your name is as pretty as your attitude!  {“oh, oh, faeries, shitty isn’t pretty in human terms,” interrupts coach/potter. “oh?” they ask quizzically, “no matter, we think it’s pretty”}  We notice you said you SHOULD want a relationship.  That pretty much means that’s someone else’s stuff.   Maybe you are one of those peoples who is more faerie than people.  Maybe that’s why you don’t want A relationship.  Maybe lots like us would be more fun.  Your homeplay for this week is to read the Chapter on Faerie Sex.  {“faeries! It’s not published yet!” cries out coach/writer.}      Coach/writer’s homeplay is to get it published in the morning.  There. That should solve everybody’s problems!  Please get back to us, Shitty, after you’ve read the chapter.  We think insights on a different way of looking at all this would be nice for you… do you think so too? 

Off to play on demand,  Faeries


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oh faeries, i’m so human.  i have so MANY things i want to get done.. they all feel very important .. things that contribute to raising consciousness…. but i don’t know where to best focus.  i’m an ideas person.. i’d love others to run with it.  i’m not organized.

Love, i care and want to get things moving


Dear we care, too,

Oh how we love people like you!  Mind, heart and soul open and ready to race like a herd of unicorns to the next magical pasture!

  But all that doing!  Doing, doing, so much doing in your world.  Do you really want to DO so much? Oh but wait,  you don’t!  You’re an ideas person!  Why are you focusing on doing? How else can you make things happen without doing?… hint… ..    ‘raising consciousness’.. could that be a way? Want to come to our workshop on “how not to do, but still be amazing?”  We’re planning it.   

{“we are?” says faeries to typing faerie.    Q5801jlL;NWEopti.   “We are now! dances Faeries.    And this leads to a whole lot of stuff about how faeries will do a workshop to help us not do so much.  But that will be revealed when they announce the workshop} 

Here’s your home play……Keep caring!!! Enjoy moments!!!   Focus is a pain, from what we know.   PLAY!!!  

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Dear bloggolings,

I’m sick of emails.  Junk emails. Joke emails. Newsletter emails.  Good intentioned sharing of information emails.  Work emails.  The occasional one to one email from a friend can be nice.. but that hardly happens anymore.  It is unfortunate that I have to have email.. it’s the way work communicates.  It’s supposed to save us time, these technologies, but now in the time frame of a 10 minute phonecall, I might get 20 emails, and 4 phone messages.. and some how I’m supposed to answer all of them?  It’s crazy.  Crazy, I say.  What do I do? 



If we had just one thing to say about the kabillion trillion words on emails, it would be this…

“why not just send the thoughts by thought?”

To discuss how best to explain their answer, they gather in their little kitchen.. well, big kitchen because it’s a people’s kitchen.  One they just happen to like a lot, cuz the people has a nice big sugar bowl, always full.  On special occasions she fills it with square sugar.. a delight for playing with and building forts.   In fact, they have a great game of throwing square sugars at each other. If it hits one of them, that faerie has to dance over and return it!  If it doesn’t hit, well whoever grabs it keeps it.  AND then when their sugar play is over, some faeries will build even bigger forts.  THEN they all say, “crash, smash, let’s gather the cache!”  They fly about knocking down the forts and then ….  well, it’s kind of weird.. they all end up with whatever amount of square sugars that they want.  No one counts them, or shares them equally… they just have what they want.   first faerie

 But I diverse. { In fact what am I doing here anyway?….} meanwhile back in the kitchen.   Oh.  The faeries are gone. So are the sugar cubes.

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I have so much to consider…  I want my masters. I might need to upgrade my chemistry.  The course will cost $350. One company requires I have it.  But I might want to work for them cuz it’s nearby. I wouldn’t like the job.   I’d only do the job for the summer to look good on my resume.


Overwhelmed by all the options,

Stu Dent


Hey Stu, {have you ever tried stu-ed dandelions?}

How come Peoples make their lives so harsh?

Look at each line of your post.  On a scale of weed to rose, with rose being the best… (“Hey!” yells the weedlings, “weeds are wicked!”   Faerie consoles them wisely, “WE know that, but the peoples don’t.  You know those humans.  We are just trying to relate to them”.  “Whatever,” Weedlings say in a way that sounds actually quite nice.} 

Oops we wandered.    I was saying.. On a scale of weed to rose, with rose being the best… How does each line in your post feel? {a z a z a z a z a z a z   tapping foot to the music} 

 Okee dokee, done.  The Masters is a rose… the rest isn’t even weedish, it’s dirt, right? 

By the way, have you ever considered a people name more.. musical? Fun?  Isn’t ‘dent’ a harsh thing in the human world?  Perhaps it’s influencing you into thinking harsh is a good thing?

  Peacefulling,  the wicked coaches of fae

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Really.  Now we have faeries who coach, do we?  I want to change my career.  What would a faerie who knows nothing about careers say about this?

From, Somewhat Cynical


Charming Somewhat,  What wouldn’t we know about careers and changing them, Mr. Cynic?

   {“psst, coach, what’s a career?”  “that’s the type of work a person does to earn money to pay for food, fun, homes.”  “weird”}    

However, it is completely beyond us to understand why Peoples don’t just imagine what they want and it is there… but I suppose it’s your way.  Seems complicated, don’t you think? If you read over your post, what is the most powerful word in there?

{a&90weopqual;mt908..   faerie dances on keys while you think} 

Did you pick ‘cynical’?  Yes? Well, that is your most powerful in one way… Is it possible that this keeps you from discovering what career you would truly like?   Pretty hard to get where you are going if you can’t imagine even a faerie.. how can you imagine a career that’s  so perfect that you never even feel like you are working.  

Do you play?  Why don’t you just play?

BUT there is a more powerful word.  Look again.


Find it?   Yup, it’s CURIOUS!  (up there in the heading) Now there’s your winning word….  GO AWAY, BE CURIOUS.  

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Dear Bloggoling Faeries,

I really should be writing my business plan.. but I procrastinate, do other things, and have decided I’m completely being ridiculous!  What do I do?   


Pretty Much a Human        

comment follows.. after a sneak preview into faeries discussion: 

“Okay, faeries, it’s our first desperate plea from human… “ first faerie smiles an uncertain little smile, because after all, they have never done this before.

“you notice the SHOULD word?  Aagghh, humans!” second faerie throws knobby little arms into the air.

“wait, I’ve been watching Coach*.  I don’t think we are supposed to make fun of them”  third faerie exclaims.

Bright Ideas faerie, who has a lightbulb above her head, says, “Let’s explain SHOULD and help Human rethink these silly thoughts.”   

“hush, no ‘silly thoughts’ comments!”  whispers one or the other faerie.“explaining SHOULD is good.  Okay, bloggolings, lets do it!”  

Hello Pretty Much,    

Let’s look at that word SHOULD.  What does that mean to you? Does it mean anything like, say….  Silly Humans Often Use Loser Dialect??          

Why do it if you don’t want to? Being completely ridiculous sounds like so much more fun!  


Faeries of the newly discovered bloggoling realm

ps. go with the Pretty Much.. and try to forget the Human part!

{“yay! We did good!”  q4897(*&(*(&)#……   dancing the night away}

(note from potter: “loser”? hmmm”)

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