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Faeries, I think I might have  to quit my English class.  My professor says I don’t have a clue about how to analyze other author’s work.  I say he’s getting his answers out of a book of answers.  And wouldn’t an author rather me be inspired into my own thinking as a result of his work?   I’m on a scholarship.  The professor is giving me really bad marks.  This is simply not good.

sincerely, not good.

Dear Good nut,

“Thankgoodness I was never sent to school. 
It would have rubbed off some of the originality.”      Beatrix Potter

We also think maybe you might want to book a whole great big coaching session.  There’s some big stuff going on here.  Like,  will this professor become your creative monster?  and stuff like that.    Let’s talk.  Call us.   2 am – ish is a good time for us.

OH, to be as brave and creative as you,   faeries


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oh oh, he’s done a resume for job.  i think we might want to offer him more coaching.  Harold, come back!!!!!

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I really need to go to bed …. earlier. 

Why?  Aren’t  these wee hours when other energies are sleeping?  Therefore you are free to fill the space that might otherwise be taken with the thoughts of other energies, with your own connective thinking….  and ours, of course.  We like wee hours too.

Lovingly,  Faeries

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But, faeries, I need to make money!  Ya ya, I love music, I love soccer.  The wives weren’t happy with my music income.  Okay, it wasn’t much.  And as a soccer coach, well, that pays nothing.. I just love helping out the kids.   Accountants make good money.


Hey Harold, you’re back!  Did you read the chapter? 

(‘faeries, its not published!” whines Coach.  “Writer! Have you talked to a publisher yet?”  “yes, but I need to finish the book”  “Writer!  Go write, we’ll work on this”  “ummm, you are using the computer.”  “oh, okay, how about you go percolate thoughts?”}

Okay, Harold, let’s pretend that all people can have a huge income from doing what they most love.  What do you most love?   How can you make that into a huge income?    Now, you get back to us on this.   Pretend there are no barriers.. like no sugar bowls that keep you from being able to do other things. 

we’re really coaching, aren’t we?.. yay, us, but when is he going to remember he’s a writer?  YOU”RE a WRiteR, Harry!  shhh, he won’t believe us.. he has to remember this himself.}

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Faeries, I need coaching.  When I finally grow up, I really want to be an accountant, or something respectable like that.  Mostly I just play now, music, soccer, and such.   My ex wives have complained about that.  I think it’ll be pretty hard to find another wife unless I get a real job.  How do I convince my heart to do that?

Two wives down, how many more to go,


“When I grow up”? you say!  Let’s start with that.  What does grown up mean to you?  Is it when you are a certain time frame in this life? or is it when your soul is .. like.. 40 000 years old?  Or is it when your spirit gets tired, beat up, and stops listening to itself?   Now, most of the other faeries are looking a little blank on this.. we generally don’t grow up.    It’s cuz I’ve done a little more studying about peoples, that I can ask these questions.  You seem to have given us the answer.  We wonder if you really might not want to grow up.  So, here’s the next question.  What makes you feel joyful? Full of spirit?  Might that be what you want to do? 

If you are doing and being what gives you joy and makes you feel passionate… wouldn’t the perfect peoples for you be attracted to you?   (yes, we did say ‘peoples’)  {hey, writer, did you finish that chapter of faerie sex yet?  we think Harold needs it now!}

Off to play.. with lots of faeries,


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Faeries, I need a housecleaner.  I have too much creativity going on, it’s chaos. I like a clean house.  I adore creativity.  I can’t afford a house cleaner.  What can I do?

Starving artist

Ah, there we go.  It’s starving artist syndrome.  We’ve heard of this in Fae.  It’s a big concern for us about you peoples.  How did it come to be that artists think they have to be starving to be artists?   How about you just sell your work?  How would it feel to just create? create? create?   KNOWING that you’ll have someone clean your house soon.  We’ve cleaned up the sugar spills.  Congratulations on having your artwork feed you, clothe you, find you love, and a housecleaner!  Yay, Artist.  None of this starving stuff anymore!

Could you paint us now?


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