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oh dear. i seem to be distracted from some of what i should be doing. now i am doing less than some and more of none. this isn’t good dear faeries. this isn’t good. but then again it isn’t really all bad … because “isn’t good” sometimes is good because doing less than some is sometimes fun.


“faeries! faeries!  gather ’round!…. look she’s a faerie!  she thinks like us, she’s little, she’s a faerie!”  We think you are one of those ‘creative’s’ Coach talks about…..  and to be a faerie to boot…. wow, you are so cool.   So in your distractedness, what interesting things have happened?  think hard, even the littlest wee things?  Tell us true, and we’ll get back to you!
ps. Can we convince you to be  a coach with us?


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