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Oh poop.  For a very brief moment as I looked out my window, I felt this joy .. joy for my lovely view of lilac trees and greenery.. and joy because I recognized I was actually pausing and enjoying the view.  You know what I mean. I was ‘in the moment’. THEN I noticed spots on my window.  Uggh. My window needs cleaning.  I didn’t feel like cleaning the stupid window. So I left and did other stuff.   Faeries, I really wanted to just be in that moment!! How can I be in that moment with dirty windows????

Annoyed with me

Dear With Me,

There’s a simple magical fact… that in your world is a scientific fact, we think…. that if you focus further away, things close by that might interfere with your view, simply fade and disappear.  Now just go right back to that window, enjoy the view, and really really enjoy watching the spots fade away!

There’s another thing about spots on windows, too, that might help you.  How did the spots get there?  Are they a symbol of a warm loving kitchen space where food, tea, and sugary things are prepared?  Perhaps sometimes quite enthusiastically and that’s why spots get on the window?  Like a badge of honour?  (coach thinks the faerie answering this must be ‘crashed on her butt’ faerie.. pretty wise in the ways of people!)

That makes the spots pretty special!

{“OR maybe it was me!!! I was playing in her kitchen!” announces a faerie who whooshes in out of nowhere}

Okay, withme, go be one with the window!

Onefully,  a bunch of us


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