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FAeries, I’m up way too late again!

      yay, let’s dance together!

But the stereo is broken.

     Oh my weirdly knees, you are having a lot of breakings lately.  hmmm, we’re thinking about that.

I’m just up too late. Make me go to bed!

     No play with us!  Dance with us! Dance to our music!!

I have to get up early for an appointment.

     Oops.  Silly you.  come, lets drag you off to bed. you peoples need sleep. Glad we can do whatever we want.

     {“hey, did she just sneer at us?” says one faerie to the others.

     “what’s a sneer?” others answered.

     “oh, nevermind… let’s just wisk that weary sneery girl off to bed”}


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Dear Faeries,

I thought faeries of all people would be wise about this issue.  Or I guess I should say, ‘faeries of all beings’.  Somebody asked me the other day what wishes I would make if I had a magic wand.  They said, “besides health, happiness, and very general things”  Every time I think of something, I think “no, that would cause this problem..” or “no, if that came true, then what would I do.”  Or, “oh, but what if I wish this, and it unknowingly causes someone else a problem?”   

Isn’t this crazy? I can’t come up with a wish!! Not even one!

Wishy Washy.

Dear Wishwash,

YES! You came to the right place! Aren’t you smart?  And did you happen to wish to find the answer to your problem?  I bet you did, deep down. And look, it came true!  Yayksa09813  wiuqa;a    (that’s us dancing, don’t you know?)

What we’ve noticed when we give peoples wands is that wise ones can’t seem to wish.  They get to thinking, realize all the billions of things that could happen because of the wish, so they don’t wish.

Thing is, you cannot know the possible waves of ripples that your wish will cause.  Kinda like throwing a rock in lake, isn’t it?  

Wishy, do you believe in anything like Gom, or the universe, or god, or higher self?  Cuz if you do, your problem is solved. 

What you do is imagine the wonderful wishes you would like.  Don’t stress over the ripples, because when you make the wish just say, “I would like this wish if it is in my best interest, and no harm to anyone.”

Done.  The wishmakers will take it from there.   

And here’s the other thing,  you are only saying that phrase to make you feel better.  Cuz the wishmakers won’t let a wish come true unless it is in the best interest of all involved.  Not if you have a wand, anyway!

Wish away, Wishy,

the -understanding -faerie -who’s -been- in- charge- of -wands -for -a -very- very -very -very -very -very -long -time

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