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Of course you are coaches!  You’ve always been coaches!!  Your stories get told, Our stories together get told, and the stories inspire me in my moving forward. 

So, wee and wondrous realm travelling faeries of the universe,  I need coaching around completing the Novel in Progress.

“about that particular title..” faeries say.  But before they say more, I get it.

Okay, I announce firmly:  Although the original faerie ring – a sculpture of 11 faeries. (ohhh, that’s an interesting number, isn’t it, Evalee?”) –   developed a name of “novel in Progress” because it refused to be sold until the novel was finished…  THAT NO LONGER APPLIES!!  The Faerie Ring will not be sold even when the NOVEL IN PROGRESS becomes the NOVEL PUBLISHED.  Done. I don’t care what I said in the past.  The Faerie Ring stays with me.  That said, the novel can be completed.

“Next?”  I ask faeries.

“What about the titles you’ve referred to the novel by?  Tell us more about that!”   They say that very professionally, but I see them looking at each other.. big sneaky nose wrinkling smiles that say, “good one, huh?”  

“Yes, good one,” I answer.  And they are a bit surprised. Because honestly they are surprised each time I connect that little bit closer to them, especially when they think I wasn’t looking.

“I was able to begin writing by going home after a pottery show and typing “STORIES I TELL.”  This is the name I used to sort, categorize, keep track of what I’ve written, and to retrigger the written words.”

Okay, and the others?”  faeries ask with an air about them just like me when I’m coaching. I laugh out loud in understanding.  The faeries laugh too.  But we carry on this way, because, hell, it’s working!

“Frick! a billion titles go through my mind all the time! I don’t know where to begin, or if I even recall any!  I mean, I just forgot one I had in my head 10 minutes ago!”

how about you play with a bunch of words that come to mind to remind you?”

“Whatever.  Creatively Curious Whatevers.”

and?”  (sidenote: Good coaching, faeries!   Ideally, coaching is 20% the coach talking, 80% the coachee)

One day she threw up her arms and said, “WHATEVER!”   
That pretty much opened the door for the faerie realm.”

         Okay that might be a bit long..

The Faerie Way.  …..

“we know you’re thinking something… what are you thinking? “  they surprise me too, when they hear a thought that I think they wouldn’t hear.  Although I’m not entirely sure why that still surprises me.

“the theme! I could just focus on the theme.  You know my problem. I have a lot of stories I tell. I have a lot of stories I haven’t told. And although I know they are connected to all of this in a way that doesn’t necessarily seem to fit – there’s too many stories!”

“What’s the theme, then, dear Potter, dear potter?” they sing to the tune of “a hole in the bucket, dear Liza”

“there are ways to connect to one’s source, one’s magic, that are different from intent, law of attraction, the way of the shaman, clearing ego……

It can in fact be a rebellious very mortal-like experience that involves resistance, doubt, confusion, grief, stubborness… yet it happens.. yet it happens inspite of oneself.  If one is just willing to finally throw up one’s arms and say Whatever! …….

……    Playfully.    or Whatever.”

We all smile at one another.




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