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Note: Crashed made these comments in response to the ‘don’t beat yourself up’ article published a couple of posts before this.

Apparently Crashed-on-her-Butt has % d #peoiupdq-81A987 something to say about celebrating:

(I know this because she’s dancing on the keys.)

Crashed-on-her-Butt is a most astounding faerie. *

One day, a rather smashed (but not in the drunk way) faerie showed up on a pot. Later, when the novel began, I learned much more about this unusual faerie – who actually worried about if anyone would like her (having broken her wing and smashed her face and all). That’s so unlike the other faeries I’ve gotten to know who really have no sense of that kind of worry.

As it turned out, though, Crashed’s wish was to better understand people. Sometimes we are such a mystery to them.. they wonder why our people world is so harsh. Squealing train brakes, catching our fingers in doors, worrying about this, stressing over that, going to a job every day and wishing we weren’t.. those sorts of things.

Since wishes do come true, Crash found herself in the people world. But not in the usual faerie way. She happened to arrive in a ‘denser’ form.. crashing smack dab in the middle of the pottery table. Her butt hurt. It took her three days to figure out how to lift her now heavy little body up off the table… all the while the other faeries were cheering her miraculous accomplishment of ‘nearly being people-like’. When she did stand up and try to fly to the pottery wheel.. well, it was good fortune that she landed on the dog, who gave her a ride to where she wanted to be. Crashed was not very happy about all this.

{“Crashed, your story is 25 pages long in the book… too long for a newsletter,” I whisper to her as we type this.

“Okay, okay” she flitters back, “I just want to say something not in the book.”

“You sure you don’t just want to leave this for the novel?” I ask hopefully.

And I receive something somewhat like a scowl in return.

“That’s unfaerie-like” I think to myself.. not that she can’t hear my thoughts anyway. “Okay, what do you want to say?” I ask}

CELEBRATING!! It was all of the other faeries celebrating me, and encouraging me to celebrate, that reminded me that my sore butt was really worth celebrating. I had arrived where few faeries ever get to be! That sore butt was a sure sign. When I remembered that, (because I also discovered that it’s harder to remember things in the people world!) I celebrated my arrival… and my butt wasn’t even sore anymore!”

(“Good point, Crashed” I tell her.

“Thanks,” she answers and then continues qp95[[a erar to dance on the keys.aera8a;eia;’’a )


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