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Dear Faeries,

I thought faeries of all people would be wise about this issue.  Or I guess I should say, ‘faeries of all beings’.  Somebody asked me the other day what wishes I would make if I had a magic wand.  They said, “besides health, happiness, and very general things”  Every time I think of something, I think “no, that would cause this problem..” or “no, if that came true, then what would I do.”  Or, “oh, but what if I wish this, and it unknowingly causes someone else a problem?”   

Isn’t this crazy? I can’t come up with a wish!! Not even one!

Wishy Washy.


Dear Wishwash,

YES! You came to the right place! Aren’t you smart?  And did you happen to wish to find the answer to your problem?  I bet you did, deep down. And look, it came true!  Yayksa09813  wiuqa;a    (that’s us dancing, don’t you know?)

What we’ve noticed when we give peoples wands is that wise ones can’t seem to wish.  They get to thinking, realize all the billions of things that could happen because of the wish, so they don’t wish.

Thing is, you cannot know the possible waves of ripples that your wish will cause.  Kinda like throwing a rock in lake, isn’t it?  

Wishy, do you believe in anything like Gom, or the universe, or god, or higher self?  Cuz if you do, your problem is solved. 

What you do is imagine the wonderful wishes you would like.  Don’t stress over the ripples, because when you make the wish just say, “I would like this wish if it is in my best interest, and everyone involved.”

Done.  The wishmakers will take it from there.   

And here’s the other thing,  you are only saying that phrase to make you feel better.  Cuz the wishmakers won’t let a wish come true unless it is in the best interest of all involved.  Not if you have a wand, anyway!

Wish away, Wishy,

the -understanding -faerie -who’s -been- in- charge- of -wands -for -a -very- very -very -very -very -very -long -time


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Hey faeries, just me.   I was reading an entertaining blog by Lynnette Allen http://www.thelifebehindthecoach.com/   when I came across a comment (Oct 9 Poo Rage) wondering if there were Poo Faeries.  Apparently someone’s relative cleans up the dog’s poo, but then throws it in the bushes.  She wondered if her relative thought there were poo faeries who make it disappear.

Now I know that in the ‘nearly complete and ready to submit for publishing’ novel – (good coaching myself, if I announce it often enough, I will get it sent off)- anyway, there is a mention of poo.  So far it’s not been edited out, but I dunno, I kind of think it’s got to go.  The point being however, is I know you don’t ‘have to go’.   “Faeries don’t poo”, you announced enthusiastically.. and since you only eat essence of our treats, why would you poo?

BUT do you clean up dog poo?  There’s more at stake here than someone somewhere else wondering about this.   I am wondering about this.  Because, you know, Casper’s poo disappears.  I generally don’t like to think about where it might be going.  I’d be really happy to learn there are poo faeries.

Background: Casper is a Sheltie. He is very shy and very clean , and so he chose a corner of my yard for his bathroom habits.  This corner of the yard is seldom accessed, except by him. It is not a pathway to anywhere, nobody wanders there because there’s plenty of yard that one more naturally ‘flows’ to, and it is hidden from anyone’s view unless for some reason, one intentionally goes to this part of the yard. 

And so, one intentionally goes there when one has to cut the lawn.  But the thing is, for a dog that poos everyday, (at least I assume so.. because he won’t do it in front of us to prove it to me or anything….)  there’s not much poo there.

Tell me faeries clean up poo, okay?  Tell me there are little faerie energies that flit around with .. umm.. poo zappers.. that magically cause the poo to disappear into the earth and recompost itself into something wonderful.  Tell me you do this because you know, and we don’t, the alchemy of turning poo into gold.. or poo into crystals, or poo into perfect fertilizer.     So, once again, Are there Poo Faeries?

she wants us to say there are poo faeries.  shall we make her happy?   but then… it is a nice size for nuggets of gold……     

poof. faeries gone.  hmmmm…

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Faeries!  I procrastinate.  I never “get to things.” The days putter by.  Sometimes it’s like I’m spinning my wheels.  Help!
Sincerely, wheel spinning do nothinger


{“OHHHHHH, LOOK!  498-_)(KEddee;a   Someone found us, again!!  A MORTAL!!  They found us again!” Faeries jump for joy all ove rpqiu4234  all over the keyboard}

Oh, hello Mortal.. er.. Wheel,

We are here for you, buddy.   Here are definitions of procrastination:
Procrastination 1: not getting around to doing the things you don’t like doing,
Procrastination 2: not getting around to doing the things you like or even LOVE to do.

Soooo, why even bother trying to get to the things you don’t like doing? 
         (“umm, faeries, in the people realm, sometimes people have to do things like pay bills when it’s not a fun thing for them to do.” whispers potter/coach/writer or whatever faeries choose to name Janet on this particular day.   Faeries look at Janet in a “well, there’s a simple answer to that, now isn’t there” kind of way.)

Soooo, why don’t you get someone who likes to do the things you don’t like to do to do it for you?
That solved, now Procrastination 2.  This is much more of a challenge for you people types. Oh, the history of people not letting themselves do what they love is soooo convoluted!!  But here’s a start for your thoughts.  Put this in your thoughts.  Let it simmer.  IF I ALLOW MYSELF TO BE DOING WHAT I LOVE, I WILL MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE THINGS I DON’T LOVE.

Now get back to us in 3 sleeps and tell us what you are thinking, oh wondrous Wheel.

Magically, Faeries.

{“I think that’s pretty good, don’t you” one faerie smiles at another. “of course it is. We’re so good.” and off they go to celebrate.  Because faeries are always celebrating. That’s probably why they are faeries and not people.  “Excuse me?  Who said THAT?” potter/janet questions as she looks about the room full of faeries and such.  hmmph. It wasn’t any of them.  Odd.}

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Yes, faeries, I copied this direct from my other blog… but it seemed only right because it involved you:


In the tub, off in the world of thought that may have included faeries although I wasn’t paying that close of attention, I found myself hearing a little voice in my head* singing, “I do believe in me. I do. I do.” (chanted in the same way as in the movie “Peter Pan”- while Tinkerbell was fading away, but because Peter and the world joined in to chant “I do believe in Faeries. I do. I do,”  Tink’s spark returned and all was well again in the magical world!)


I had to smile. I’d been thinking about what was one key thing that most empowered the people I work with, and friends, and me….   I’m pretty sure the chant came to mind just to answer the earlier thoughts.  (Well that, and this whole faerie connection thing I have)  And really, it does come down to ‘acknowledging oneself”. .. being able to recognize the amazing person that you are.      


Not so easy.  You can read all the time about “you have to love yourself before you can do this, or that…..”  But exactly how do you get there when our world hasn’t exactly been kind to those who say, “I am such an amazing person!”  “I am so smart!”  “Damn, I look beautiful today!” or “I am so in love with me!” or “Wow, that’s the most brilliant idea EVER!”


Instead, people have been known to go so far as to avoid telling a child how extraordinary they are, because “they might get a big head.”   There’s something rather sinister about that, don’t you think?

“Don’t brag.” “He’s so full of himself.” “Show some humility.”  “Conceited” (oh, look! I don’t even know how to spell that word!) 

How about this scenario?  Child shares their wonderful accomplishment, and adult finds fault to ‘encourage them to work harder.”   Okay, maybe I’m being a bit harsh.  I see that I could turn this into some sort of rant.  But really, I think this was a standard of educators and some parents in the ‘old old days.’  The new parents and educators are soo soooo much wiser.  Thank Gom.


Fact is, when I get to witness a client  recognize their strengths, their beauty, their uniqueness… I am also witnessing them moving forward towards their dreams at top speed.   It’s surprising how quickly one can come around to appreciating and believing in themselves after a lifetime of doubting.  No, it doesn’t happen overnight.  And there are moments of slipping back into old and limiting thinking.  That’s when it is especially nice to have a coach who can see this happen and help bring them back to their much more empowered state of being.


“I do believe in me. I do. I do.” I love it. I’m going to go make a T-shirt on Zazzle just as soon as I’m finished this post!


For the t-shirt, tote and other fun stuff.. www.zazzle.com/janetwhitehead*

I wasn’t kidding I really made the T shirt and tote.  Comes with a faerie just in case she needs to remind you to believe in you.  and in faeries, too, of course.

  Go here for t-shirt:  http://www.zazzle.com/i_do_believe_in_me_i_do_i_do_shirt-235742061681316648

  Go here for tote: http://www.zazzle.com/i_do_believe_in_me_i_do_i_do_bag-149230272407400640


Look! here’s an image!



* voice in my head.    come on, just because I talk about faeries and such, don’t be using this phrase to convince yourself I must be crazy!  I’m about the most credible person I know.

hmmm…  I wonder, when you notice your thoughts, do you hear them? See them?      

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This has been quite an adventure!  Faeries, oh my gom… I’ve got so much to share with what I’ve discovered.  You are quite at home in those places, aren’t you?  I need to ask you a favour..  could you arrange for a really large income for me, that gives me the freedom and time to write this all down to share?

Thanks.  You are so cool.

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