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Faeries are okay with me (potter aka Janet) sharing this post from my other blog.  They are okay with this because they have the same philosophy as me regarding mortals accessing their passion and gifts.  They just don’t quite get why that is so hard for mortals, but they think I do have a clue about this.  And they really believe in revelling.  (Of course they do.)  Here’s the post:

Sharing how HAPPY I am that my most recent work(play!)book is doing the job it set out to do!  My passion and purpose in life includes helping others to find their best way to live life intentionally, purposefully, passionately, and yes, magically.  I know from my own life experience, as well as through being a coach, that the best way to ‘get there’ is to find the answers your way.  We are all so unique – our life experiences, the way we think, our perspectives.  A good book can inspire us, but often only briefly.  Discovering your answers, not mine.. not someone elses, is life changing.

The workbooks I have online are about finding your answers.  Honestly, the best way to discover these  is through individual coaching, ( a coach can watch for that sparkle in your eyes!) but when personal coaching is not currently an option for you.. these workbooks help. A lot.  Please check out the testimonials below.  And please have a look at the workbooks online.  If each of us took steps to live our life passion and purpose… well, can you imagine the new levels of wondrous our world could be?


Testimonials for “Happy Revelly After” 

“You Know you are an absolutely amazing women. Such simple thoughts that all of us look past. I had so much fun reading and doing your book its like a profound self discovery. Sometimes we get so caught up in “life” we forget about the more important things in Life and that is ourselves and what we are capable of. You have a way of writing things that make it fun and make it fun to reach in and rediscover our inner thoughts and emotions. Thank you for sending me your book and in a few months from now it will be a good one to pick up again as a reminder of what MY life is really about. Thank you lots of hugs to you. I cant wait for more books to come out I WILL be on the list of buying all of them. You going to make a boxed set???? Let me know.”

Nicole Kriwtschenko Victoria BC


“Wow.  All I can say is wow.
…as I read through the book, I did become aware of my way of thinking.  People do tend to look at resolutions as a set-up for a disaster.  I made one to give up junk food and I already fell off that wagon.  As I kept reading, you really stuck a chord within me and I began to cry.  You write with a lot of wit and humor and I did chuckle a few times but I began to have revelations about my own life….

…I’m going to share your book with my husband and my mother-in-law and maybe, 4 or 5,000 other people who need a revelation.  Seriously, you opened my eyes to a lot of things I have been struggling with.  It’s not a “new year” thing.  It’s a “new me” thing.  I get to learn to focus on the good stuff I do and on the good person I am.   And I think that’s why this has really hit me so hard because I have been struggling with so much stuff lately.
I truly believe God sends angels at certain times in our lives and you came just at the right moment in mine.  I really enjoyed reading through the book and I believe it is a tool I will refer to from now on.  You can keep the ants though…lol.  I also felt the material was very readable and self-explanatory.  I think so many people will benefit from your wisdom.
Thank you again.  You really are a dynamite person”
Deb Berna, USA

 Of course, readers, you do know, don’t you.. I simply provide the tool. These women are the amazing ones who gave themselves permission to work through the book, watch for the sparkle in their own eyes, and revel in their discoveries.  Thank you Nicole and Deb for sharing!


To learn more www.musingsandmud.com/workbooks.html



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Faeries, I was just reading the blog stats and I discovered that the #1 way that people find this blog, is by googling “How do you catch a real fairy?”   I better finish the novel, huh?

Acting like perfectly human beings, because they do that for me sometimes, the faeries answer, “well, duh, ya.”faeries-green-yupo

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do you think she’ll get to our workbook next? the faerie way? she just published Happy Revelly Afte… surely, we are next. people want the magic

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