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Dear Faeries,

I keep getting drawn to the computer. It’s like I’m looking for something, but I don’t exactly find ‘what I’m looking for’ on the computer.  Is there like a magnet in the computer that makes me stop what I think I want to be doing and sit at the dumb computer?

Well, I guess I found you here.  Can you help me?

Sincerely, Stuck at the computer girl.


Dear Girl,

You found us!  Not that you needed to look here.  Look over your shoulder. Listen to little thoughts in your head that make you smile.  Dance and let your imagination picture us.  It’ll be right, you know. Imaginations are really really smart that way.  Maybe you are looking for your imagination on the computer? 

‘Oh! Wait! I Know!’ shouts out a faerie ‘ For a little tiny step away from the computer,  go do something silly.  Scribble.  Put maple syrup on your toast and peanut butter. Do something you currently think is completely unproductive.   There you’ll find us.  Hiding, playing, and helping you to discover that those unproductive things are leading you to what you are looking for.’

{“Hey, faerie-with-the-aha-moment-to-help-girl, where’d you come from?” ask the other faeries quizzically.  But faerie-w-t-a-m-t-h-g, doesn’t answer.  Just giggles.}


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“Sometimes I worry that I’ll catch her mortal thinking.”

“I know.  It almost starts to make sense when she’s pouty cuz she has the ‘flu’.. whatever that is.  But I know her body energy isn’t very happy.”

new-faerieAnd she caught it from somewhere.  Can we catch her mortal  thinking, do you think?”

“We already do. When she dances, we dance.  When she sings, we sing.”

“Oh!  Yes, we do!   That’s a good thing then!

But, umm,  can we catch her flu?”

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Ohh, faeries and I are saddened by the devastation in Australia and are sending faerie good loving energy that way.

Bruno Torf’s Art and Sculpture Garden was caught in the fires.  At first we heard it was completely gone, but his website says that it’s not all gone and they will be rebuilding.   It is a brilliant tribute to mystical, magical, art, and nature.  

Have a look!  http://www.brunosart.com

And yes, faeries, I know you are going to go visit there…  See you soon!

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“Jill is coming, Jill is coming!” cries out a faeriesa’epo]-0]-]ald c while dancing on the keys.

Along comes leprechaun, who is no longer sleeping in the laundry basket after his recent gallavanting. He announces sagely,

Of course she is!  Anyone that magical and who can write about mortals the way she does would end up here!”

“I wonder if she would like some faerie coaching?” faerie in the sugarbowl ponders.

“I wonder if she is a faerie ”  wonders one who is doing things we don’t announce publicly

Whoosh.  Gone.  Going to Jill’s home I suspect.  Hope they are back for the March 5th Blog tour!!!  They love giving away prizes!


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