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“Hey, you get to go out into an art show with a clay body!”

“I know! I’m pq9-491-9 aak roa  so thrilled!”

“And I get to, too” announces green thing faerie as he struts about the computer desk.

“And you’ll be in a book too…  wow.  And here we’ve been giving her such a bad time for not getting us out there.”

“.. but it’s not the novel. It still isn’t finished.”

“ya,”  snickers a whole horde of faeries, “we still get to nag her.”


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Look look!  Jilly Beneanski, Author of The Awe-manac: a Daily Dose of Wonder is here.  Oh how over the top are we!!  AND she answered our questions!!  AND you can win a copy of the brilliant AWE-Manac.  There will be a draw for the winner from those who leave a comment!   Read on….
Hi Author Jilly Beneanski!  We don’t understand names the way mortals do, but our potter told us your name so we could be polite.
I appreciate that but please don’t be polite on my account. Politeness can cause constipation.


We are so glad you came to visit us!  So, what’s exciting in your realm these days?


The biggest excitement is that I got a new door today. I complained about my neighbor talking so loud that I could hear her over American Idol (go Adam Lambert) and my landlord sent the maintenance fairies to put in a thicker door. I wonder what this means on the metaphysical side of things. Any ideas?                   (hmm, when you grow up you want to be a singer on national tv? I know you expected more but the mention of Adam Lambert.. well, .. you know… we’d like to turn him into a faerie!) (Potter’s note: Jill, tell me they didn’t really just say that???)



Do you believe in faeries? 

(“Isn’t that a bit silly to ask?” says one faerie to another, “she’s here, isn’t she?” 
“And,” chirps in another, “she did swat at me when I whispered in her ear the other day.”  
“Ya but, maybe she thought you were a mosquito.”  
“She might think we are just imagination.” 
“okay, let’s stick with the question.”)


Author Jilly, do you believe in faeries?


Excuse me!! If you would be silent for a minute I’ll answer. Just kidding. You don’t need to be silent. Here in America we believe in fairies.  For some reason when you cross the Canadian border you hand over your i for an e. Does that stand for “eh”?


I do believe in faeries. The Modern Day Muses go on vacations with them annually to Cabo. They get along quite swimmingly and also quite volleybally and once quite croquetly.


 Potter loves the Awe-manac.. we’re glad you know that random acts of creativity help keep the creative soul happy and healthy.  We are happy to have your help… it’s not always easy working with that potter/writer of ours to get ourselves ‘out there’.   We have noticed when she spends a few minutes with your book her energy lifts.  Then we grab her by the straps of her bra (or her T-shirt if the other is missing) and guide her back to our projects.  She goes quite willingly then.   Do you ever notice your bra straps being pulled?  Do your muses do that, too?



Wow, I’m going to start wearing a bra,(just kidding again).. But my muses pull my hair and it hurts probably more than a bra strap. They also have been known to open a drawer on my way to checking my email for the 4,665,756,434,003 time a day so I can’t get through to the computer, they’ve woven my TV cable into a lanyard so I can’t get reception, and once they even made me do a u-turn on my way to my boyfriend’s house because a creative idea had so much pull that I had to go back home and work on it.


In our home realms, all is magical and we can create by thought, and teleport and such.  You seem pretty magical yourself.. can you do those things? Hey, can you fly?



 No. But I think your potter can.



There’s a quote potter loves:  “Reality is only for those lacking imagination.”  She used to have it posted in her outhouse – very honouring because people would sit and read it.   If you’d been sitting in the outhouse, what would you think about that quote?  And do you think imagination is real?



I totally agree with that quote. I think that that outhouse she sits in is a very “in” house. I think the imagination is underused, underestimated, and underwear. … I mean under worn… oh, I’m not sure what that last thing means. I think we can dig out our imagination brush it off and make it our medicine during this time when we need to redefine our reality with some magic from our imagination. Creative imagination is free, liberating and incredibly fulfilling. 

We are so qp098-) i lkda ;        happy to have you here. .aoieq-09(*( l k  that we are dancing on the keys!   Ero;lkdf a ee-  Do you dance on the keys?
Jtafpn”a’g5!b z 


OH oh oh happy dandelions! … we even get to have a page of the Awe-Manac here! We name the day Jillyfull Day!


 Ps.  (“HEY!” yells Janet, “Is it your picking at my bra straps that makes me so annoyed by bras?  Sheesh.”)

Pps.  ‘Author”s more recognized name is Jill Badonsky.. and we are all very honoured she has stopped by on her book blog tour!  Thank you ever soooo much!
ppps. (“Potter, is that many p’s the opposite of that constipation thing?  The only thing we know about that is when you..”  “STOP” says potter in a way they have never heard, so they stop.  Then potter got in a huff and went back to the clay and didn’t finish the intended ppps.  “Hmm,” says the faeries, “we’ll have to do that more often, whatever it is that we did.”)
Leave a comment to be entered to win! 


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