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Dear Faeries,

What should I do when I need to get away from the computer? It’s such a benefit to me, but sometimes I think I should get away more?

Love, Is my face square yet?


Dear Squarehead,

“NO, don’t get away from it! We love the new book!  We are so proud of you, potter, for getting it DONE!  Keep going.. the novel is nearly done, too!”

“shhh, I’m pretending to be someone else so you can share your other wordly wisdom and enchanting perspectives! ” whispers potter. (that’s what faeries call Janet)

“Oh.”  faeries answer.

“so, what would you tell the world about too much time at the computer?”

“Okay, fine.  Dear Squarehead, go play outside.”  and they add very quickly, “and take the computer with you and write your novel.”

“Hmmph” says Potter  but the coach in her adds:  Readers, computers need naps. Go here to see my sure cure for computer overindulgence.  http://musingalong.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/computers-need-naps-too/


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