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A misty February morning in a little log cabin in rural washington.  Four dogs, one named Bear – a precious retired sled dog, transported here from the great north to have  the love and attention of  Brent and Peter in his aging years.  And now Bear is my very dear friend as we chat about the other realms and other side, so hopefully he feels safer when he does decide to journey there.

Huh. Bear got top billing.  How ’bout that. Lets put  the other critters here too.. rescued dogs to love, goats and llamas and kitties to feed and pet – real life ‘farming’ is so much more satisfying than farmvillain.

Brent and Peter… oh so lovely of them to invite me to retreat in this amazing place.  Ah, and faeries.. I wonder if they knew they’d also invited them to join us.

And now Bean Badonsky has arrived! Here to… well… it just seemed we ought to meet. so meetng we are!  Kindred in our philosophies and love of advocating for the creative being, and oysters and cheese and crackers.  Honoured to be spending this time, and she, like the others have top billing in this post.. no matter how you might actually perceive it.

Ahhh. Heavenly.

And Megan? Well, it’s her birthday week, and I just love her.


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