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“Huzzah!” they whisper. Too loud and they may distract too much. And that might mean a whole ‘nother chapter.
Hand holding in ‘ring around the rosie’ form, they prance in circles behind the wooden slat door of the laundry room, swung open because potter/ writer is too busy to close things. Cupboard doors are flung wide open, and the utensil drawer looks like it could land on the floor any minute. But the laundry room door flung open blocks potter’s view of the studio, so instead of hanging near by her quietly watching and carefully not disturbing, the faeries are dancing in the studio.
“♫ She’s almost done, almost done.♫ Final edits, she calls this.♫” they sing to you.
“We aren’t helping with that…because then she’ll have even more to say about us. And we just want the book done and out there.”
They hear footsteps and quickly flit into various corners…


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