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Janet: “I’m sorry. I forgot…..”

Faeries: “We don’t care!!!” they leapingly exclaim.

J: “No..no, I guess you don’t!  I forgot you had this place to write, but hey, THE BOOK IS OUT IN THE BIG OL’ WORLD!!!!”  I exclaimingly laugh. (as if these are grammatically correct words, but who cares? We’re all a little on the ecstatic side of life)

J: “But I am sorry it took so long…”

F: “STOP,” they interrupt, “You are so Canadian. No sorries allowed. Time isn’t real. What’s real is the world needs a little magic right now.”

J: “And this is why you started haunting me in January. This is why being happy the family had it wasn’t enough.  Thanks for nagging. Thanks for signs. I am so grateful.”

F:   akeoriquopqaf998*ODjs    (dancing on keys)

J: “It’s beautiful – the book. A bit scary having such a magical but true memoir out there. But mostly it feels so perfect that it is out there, right now, sharing the magic.”

F: “Show them!!”

J: “OH ya, of course!”



F: Tell them where to find it!
J: Oh yes. What would I do without you?

You could go here for the  Print edition

or here for the Kindle edition

OR you can just go to your favourite Amazon site and search
Beyond All Imaginings Janet Whitehead

F: We are co-authors, but no one in the publishing world would put us in the search options.

J: People are saying good things… feeling blessed.

Thank you so much, Janet, I finished reading your book! I must say it was the most amazing book. Feelings of sadness, wonder, amazement and happiness filled me. Relating to your “spiritual” events gave me thought to some of mine. Thank you for making me believe!!!!!
Marie Ann Demoskoff



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