The Magic of Creativity

(From Janet’s newsletter)

Creativity…  For me, it is blissful to witness a world that is evolving to recognize the power of our creative being.   Like magic dust finding its way into all nooks and crannies, those who were once considered ‘ordinary mortals’ are now experiencing moments, discoveries and creations that leave them breathless saying, “YES! YES!… but wait a sec, where’d that come from?”

We all know the stories of ‘elite’ genius minds, artists and writers, and their ability to be in a space where brilliant thoughts, ideas, inventions, answers, artwork and stories ‘come to them.”  When asked how these creators got the idea, they often answer, “I don’t know.” or “From God.” or “From spirit.” 
We’ve heard the stories of Da Vinci and Einstein and we’ve commented in awe, “Gifted.”

As we move from the Age of Information to the Age of Conceptualization and Creativity, more and more research, resources and stories are appearing that give credit and value to the creative being in each of us.  Yes, we are all gifted.  We simply need to find our best way to access our creative soulful brilliance.

And that access– whether it be through making art, thinking differently, writing, storytelling, dancing, yoga, playing, using our imagination, singing, visualizing and/or  taking meditative journeys – opens the door to the intuitive, wise, gifted and magical self.  Yes, magical. With ‘magical’ meaning “making the impossible possible.”

I, for one, am gloriously happy that finally.. FINALLY.. the word ‘creativity’  gets to take on its full meaning.  And that soon, when people see the word “creativity’ their first response will no longer be “I haven’t got a creative bone in my body.”  Last I heard we all have a right brain.  And I think that the more creativity is given its value, the more people will realize “Hey, I’ve always been creative… and it’s okay to spend more time with that.”

Simply by reading this and pondering the concept, you have opened a door of awareness and possibility. You might not even notice as old belief systems that have limited you start to melt away.  By reading this, you have taken a step in your pursuit of your unlimited potential as a soulful being.
That was easy enough, wasn’t it?  Yes, it’s all so much simpler than people think.

Christmas is a magical time of year.  Have you noticed how much creativity plays a part in the celebration?  Storytelling, theatre, baking, singing, crafting, decorating…. perhaps we have always naturally known a way to be open to the magic. 

And so, do what you do – leap in the snow,  add sprinkles to the cookies as you belt out Christmas carols, have quiet meditative moments  by the fire sipping hot chocolate and all the while, acknowledge yourself for time spent opening yourself to the magic.

By Janet L Whitehead ©2009  (janet@musingsandmud.com)


and now…

“and now, potter, will you simply write? ” asks the faeries, as they sit cross-armed along the top of the computer monitor.

Your right brain – the creative part that so easily can access the soul – has much to say, yet, for the most part, it goes unheard.  Quite simply, your creative thinking side just needs a different format to do it’s speaking.  Through humour, doodling, storytelling and seemingly ‘random’ exercises, our series of downloadable e- workbooks offer you an opportunity to discover your true passions and gifts, remove limiting beliefs, and experience your own “aha” moments.  

Affordable, kick butt fun and very unique. Just $7.98 can change your life. And I’m not saying that in a “wow, good words for marketing’ kind of way. It’s actually true.

The Manifestival is a new FREE “mini” workbook designed to introduce you to the possibilities of discovery through using fantasy and creative tools.  Just sign on email page of website (listed below)  and you’ll get the link.

Workbooks from the Self-Discovery Adventure series:  (downloadable e-books)
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Could you clean the house?

Okay, onward and upward.  Let’s come up with a magical plan around the housework. 

(faeries look at me with squinty eyes and a slight shake of the head)

Oh. ya. We’ve made that happen a number of times already. oops. forgot.

now back to cake?

Faeries, I thought you were nuts when you told me to retire… (readers, see previous post)  But out of the magical blue, I had this feeling of being retired.  WEll,  really I did leave  the regular workforce and start my own business a few years back. About this; I have said to others, “When I used to work” then I laugh at myself because I do work! 

But the feeling I got was such a shift:  Like “I’m retired, I do what I want.”  It’s a right brain shift therefore pretty darn hard to articulate the feeling. I just magically knew I can do what I want, and remove the don’t wants ie:  The left brainy things that say, ‘what can you do today to keep yourself out there?”   And what I don’t want is to spend time fussing over “what’s the best options for marketing.”  

And so on my first day of retirement, I curled up in the evening and visualized:   magical people, my name getting out there without me fussing over any of it, my workbooks just simply finding their way to people who are looking for exactly that kind of magic.. you know, that sort of thing.

ya, we know that sort of thing!!

and lo and behold, LOOK what happened the very next two days!

wasn’t that FUN for us to watch you – especially the laughing!  and the rolling your eyes at yourself, saying “silly Janet, this is what you teach, but you forgot to apply it to marketing!”

Well, we do all have a left brain.. and mine was being rather controlling on the marketing, wasn’t it?

actually, no, we don’t ALL have a left brain.  we’re not quite sure why you mortals have one.  without it, you could fly.

mmm, follow up on that comment will have to wait for the book to be published.  SO close to being done.  Any publishers interested out there?

uh, potter.. get your head out of the left…

OH YA!  I’ll visualize that too!

Anyway…  a gathering of magical people happened, amazing people from around the world contacted me for coaching, work(play!)books sold especially well, and the NEW YORK TIMES called me for an INTERVIEW!

Celebrating! Celebrating! Celebrating my ‘retirement”!!!  

let’s go eat cake!

Yes, lets.

ps. you can check out the other version of this event.. details, techniques, and the faeries tend not to say much on the other blog.  Which is neither good nor bad.. it just is. Faeries be where faeries want to be!


marketing shmarketing

Faeries, faeries, magical beings,

Do ya think you could take over the marketing?  I LOVE what I do.. but the shmarketing, aaggghh.  Little brain is always thinking “keep yourself out there”  and it’s always rebelling against the recommended marketing techniques.  Why the heck would I announce to people “This is your problem. I can fix it this way.”   Soo anti-me and you.  (I rebelled on my website – don’t you love it?) but either way, I’d rather my thoughts be with you, with magical clients, with the books, with the paint, with the kids.

Potter shmotter, coach smoach, writer shmiter,

You’ve done the work. Retire.

peq90a8is8e8;a;mf e a   Oh, and dance.


Postscript: WOW, check out what happened as a result  in the next post!!

This is a creative, magical and inspiring video.  And I’d like to publicly thank my faerie godmother for turning into a pumpkin into a coach..

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