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The moment the first Christmas story of the season is read, the faeries gather in anticipation. Tis the time when mortals believe, want to believe, or at the very least, tolerate the concept of the magical unseen.

And so, these beings from the Lands of Fae, return from travelling many realms to be near the mortals.  They dance on the keysa’ e[ [wru azs89uaf and dip into the sugar more often than usual as they watch for the moments when a mortal may be a bit more open to their existence. And when they notice the moments, they pop in to share thoughts of magic, of faerie perception, of unseen beings who can take them to realms and places they usually think impossible. And love. They have this unconditional love.. sure, they might tease, coax, and use whatever it seems might encourage a mortal to believe, but in fact, they simply have this unconditional love that they want to sprinkle on mortals.

This is no big surprise – this sprinkling.  Magic wands have shown up in story and song and in the minds of those who can see, for centuries.

The unconditional love may come as a surprise… what with all those stories about faerie tricksters, stealing babies, and stealing one half of a pair of socks on occasion.  To this, those that hang with me say with a wave of dismissal, “oh those. pfft.  not from where we come.  and stolen babies? never happened.”

As you can see, these magical beings have adopted some mortal traits simply to communicate with me.  And you.  Smart. But then I suppose any energy that is so connected with the entire universe would be smart.

And one of those so connected with the entire universe is Santa.  He, too, sprinkles love and magic the minute the first Christmas story is read. Whether he is portayed as a jolly elf, a mystical wizard, or a saint… the spirit of Santa exists and plays a particularly active role at Christmas – a time when so many cultures and people are celebrating ancient stories and  spiritual beliefs, all with one common thread – a celebration of ‘more than what we see.’

As they go about their work, there’s not a word of complaint as they sprinkle love on those who dismiss Christmas as a commercial event. Not a word of complaint as they add extra doses to those who are overwhelmed by preparations. Not a word of complaint as they inundate those who are feeling nothing but misery.

Simply unconditional love. They are doing what they can to lift the spirits of the mortal being.  And sometimes, especially with the little ones, spirits are lifted so high, Santa and the faeries celebrate because they know these mortals know that they exist and can feel the joy, magic and love that the enchanted realm wishes to share.

That’s rather kind of them to do all this, don’t you think?

May your spirit be lifted so high this Christmas that you truly can celebrate the magic, joy and love of the ‘more than what we see.’

by Janet L Whitehead © 2009
Update 2017: They wanted more of their story told and so, this happened:
Beyond All Imaginings



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